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The hatchery/freshwater fish farm is designed to produce 1,650 tons of biomass a year

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Nova Austral will initiate a trial run of its hatchery/freshwater
fish farm in Magallanes at the end of 2018


With the concessions that it has today, Nova Austral, [the only antibiotic free salmon production operation in the Strait of Magellan], can produce up to 35,000 tons of salmon in Magallanes, [the 12th and southernmost Region in Chile]. But, this is only possible when the coordination of the fallow periods is perfect, so, consequently, in the long term, the company plans a production of 30,000 tons per year.

In order to have a complete production cycle in Magallanes, the company is building its own hatchery/freshwater fish farm, [a site to raise eyed eggs to smolt in freshwater], with an investment of over US$30 million. The CEO of Nova Austral, Nicos Nicolaides, told Salmonexpert that the project “is advancing very well and according to plan. A large portion of the tanks are visible, around 50% have already been installed, [and] the same goes for the biofilters. We are beginning to install the first storage buildings.”

The executive expressed that, “we are thinking of putting in the first eggs during the last few months of 2018, despite the fact that the final stages of the hatchery/freshwater fish farm will be completely finished in the middle of the next year. The initial batch will be less than 50% of the normal [quantity] so that we can do a sort of trial run, in order to thoroughly test all the systems. The professionals who constitute the foundation of the team have already been contracted. We hope that the smolts will be sent to the sea [farms] in the 4th trimester of 2019.”

The hatchery/freshwater fish farm is designed to produce 1,650 tons of biomass a year. In practice, this translates to 12 million 130 gram smolts or 10 million 165 gram smolts a year. The company is exploring the possibility of producing a lower number of smolts, but larger in size, for example, 7.5 million 220 gram [smolts per year].

“This could be very positive, especially in winter, when, due to the glacial water temperatures that feed us (5°C), the growth in the sea is slower and more robust fish are necessary”, added Nicolaides.

The CEO of Nova Austral admitted “that is more than our company currently stocks, therefore, we already have a dialogue going with our colleagues in Magallanes about supplying us with smolts and this way, we avoid transporting [smolts] from the Lake Region [of Chile].”


¿How has the company previously worked with the communities regarding this project?

The executive declared that the hatchery/freshwater fish farm conducted many activities, especially in Porvenir, during the processing of the Environmental Impact Statement.

Given the special nature of the initiative and those of its smolt production process by means of water recirculation, “the emissions are very well controlled.”

For this reason, it obtained a positive Environmental Qualification Resolution for the Hatchery/Freshwater Fish Farm Tierra del Fuego. This is especially important the our region, the Region of Magallanes, where the standard is stringent.

The most important thing is that the companies in the region are committed to transparent work and the advancement of the sustainability of activities in Magallanes. We believe that we have the conditions to be a global model, and we will all continue operating in that direction.

Adding that, “because this is part of the normal way we operate, the community knows us and knows that we act in a transparent manner and that we are committed to sustainability. In other words, we don’t interact with interest groups and people in the respective area only when we seek the approval of a project, but, on an ongoing basis.”

By Jonathan Garcés Salmonexpert

Farming at the end of the world


Pristine Antarctic waters run through our farms, located in an icy region close to the Chilean Antarctic. Far from everything; far from other salmon farmers and in one of Chile’s most isolated regions. Our salmon enjoy low, stable water temperatures all year long, and benefit from low density farms to grow healthy and strong.


Fish farming Tierra del Fuego S.A. is born from the need to ensure the sustainability of salmon, through the decrease of health, productive and environment risks, associated to the transfer of salmon. This is achieved because the entire production cycle of salmon can be orientated in the region of Magellan and Chilean Antarctica from its egg state (Ova) to its common sale in the market, in such a way that we can avoid transfers from/to other parts of the country and focus all our productive development south of the Strait of Magellan.


Be the leader in production and breeding of sustainable Salmon worldwide.


THE PISCICULTURE MISSION of Tierra del Fuego, is to produce and raise healthy salmon in a sustainable manner with the environment and to be socially responsible with people and communities for its commercialization to our customers, satisfying their needs.


We value those who are permanently contagious with a spirit of self-improvement, who use their creativity and resources through a daily effort to be better all the time. We promote excellence in people who make up the Organization and we care about learning constantly from our actions, with an open mind to accept and use ideas of others, encouraging others to look beyond their day to day and their current capabilities.


We promote honesty in our workers as a way to interact between the members of the company, promoting transparency and ethics at all times, being consistent between what is thought and behavior that we have towards others with veracity, as well as open and timely information.
We ensure that people act truthfully and honestly in their communication towards others, fostering a culture based on trust, where people take responsible for the decisions they take, representing and caring for the image of the company at all times.


We recognize the people who ¨own¨ the challenges of the Organization and foster the sense of relevance in others, getting involved to achieve the best of themselves, generating high levels of creativity, resulting higher than expected.
We value a persistent and proactive attitude, putting to the test all its capacity and willing to carry out everything that it has been entrusted with.


We promote an appropriate and cordial treatment in all people, through friendly words and gestures, promoting a collaborative environment. Valuing others for their knowledge, experience and as a person.
We recognize different opinions through a relationship of tolerance and sincerity that allows us to work collaboratively for common objectives.


We ensure that people become aware of the favorable or unfavorable repercussions that an act has in the social environment, promoting the application of good practices that allow the care of their workers, the environment and the community.
We promote the efficient use of existing resources among people, avoiding intervening in the medium beyond what is necessary.


“Fish farming Tierra del Fuego S.A.”, Tierra del Fuego S.A., is an aquaculture company focused on the production and breeding of salmon from the egg state (ova) to juvenile fish (smolt). Its production is developed in Tierra Del Fuego Island and its objective is the delivery of an outstanding product that meets the customer's requirements, environmental requirements, and health and productive requirements.

The Directorate and the workers of "Fish farming Tierra del Fuego S.A.", are aware that their productive processes must be developed under the concept of sustainability. That is why the company has worked hard to elaborate a "Quality, Environment, Social, Occupational Health and Safety Policy", which is translated into practice, in which all its production processes are carried out taking into account the following:

• The control, the minimization of its environmental impacts and the rational use of natural resources.
• Achieve the satisfaction and expectations of our customers.
• Maintain safe activities and the well-being of all company employees.
• Achieve the integration of our company with the local community and fulfill its social responsibility.
• Regulatory compliance and voluntary commitments subscribed.

As of this, the organization, fish farming Tierra del Fuego S.A., assumes the responsibility to implement ¨sustainable processes of continuous improvement, participatory and multidisciplinary¨ in which each of the members of the organization through a preventive and critical attitude, is the main driver to preserve the safety of the product, the environment and biodiversity, health and safety of the workers and the quality of their products and services.

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